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Season 5, episode 9 of Orphan Black

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One Fettered Slave

Genres: Drama, Sci-Fi, Action

Countries: Canada

Released: 2017

One Fettered Slave

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One Fettered Slave

Sarah, Felix and Kira mourning the death of S coincides with they and the other sisters learning from Sister Irina that Helena has been kidnapped. The sisters' first thought is that she has been taken to the island, but they figure that the one person who they now may seemingly be able to trust to some extent that would know for sure is Rachel. Rachel is only able to fill in some of the pieces. However, with news of Dyad's involvement in the genetics project hitting the media, Interpol has been called in to take over from the police the investigation of the deaths of some Dyad board members. While this may pose some problems for Art, he knows that Enger too is someone who probably knows Helena's whereabouts. The sisters also believe that Al-Khatib may be useful under the current circumstances, where he is trying to protect himself from what is going on with the Board. Meanwhile, Westmorland is becoming more desperate for a cure as he knows he is close to death without it, he ordering ...

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Carrie Preston


Adrianne Palicki

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