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Season 2, episode 7 of The Last Kingdom

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Episode #2.7

Genres: Romance, History, Action

Released: 2017

Episode #2.7

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Episode #2.7

Tricked into abandoning their camp for an abortive attack on London the Saxons and Uhtred return to find it a scene of massacre with Thyra, now married to Beocca, among the few survivors and Aethelflaed captured by the Danes and taken to East Anglia as a hostage. Alfred is furious with Aethelred, to Aethelwold's delight, and sends him to negotiate her release . At the suggestion of Odda and Aethelwold, Uhtred accompanies him. However Aethelflaed finds captor Erik far more tender towards her than her brutal husband, who is richly humiliated by the Danes and she lets Uhtred know she has no desire to return to Wessex.

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Kate Hudson


Rebecca Romijn

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