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Season 2, episode 4 of The Last Kingdom

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Episode #2.4

Genres: Romance, History, Action

Released: 2017

Episode #2.4

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Episode #2.4

Married by Beocca to Gisela, Uhtred joins Ragnar and Alfred's brother, the reluctant Aethelwold, and others including Hild and Beocca to travel north and defeat Sigefrid and Erik - and ultimately Kjarten, meeting up with Brida on the way. An early victory sends the treacherous brothers into exile and later brings Uhtred's party to visit a contrite Guthred, who now approves the storming of Durham, and release of Ragnar's sister, Thyra. The town is successfully captured and Ragnar faces Kjartan in single combat, a victory for justice, though Thyra does not react as hoped.

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Ivana Milicevic


Tiya Sircar

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