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Season 2, episode 1 of The Last Kingdom

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Episode #2.1

Genres: Romance, History, Action

Released: 2017

Episode #2.1

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Episode #2.1

Having helped Alfred defeat the Danes in Wessex Uhtred is anxious to return to Bebbanburg and reclaim his kingdom. Accompanied by feisty nun Hild he arrives in York where Beocca and Father Hreothward lead the fight against renegade brothers Erik and Siegfrid and aim to free local lord Guthred from Uhtred's old foe Kjartan with Alfred's blessing. Guthred is saved and vows to help Uhtred arrest Kjartan and the treacherous Aelfric though Kjartan escapes. Grateful Abbot Eadred canonizes Guthred but Uhtred's enemies are still plotting to defeat him. Meanwhile in Essex, Brida and Ragnar argue with Alfred over the next way forward.

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Lucy Davis


Aisha Hinds

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